Why we need to get comfortable being uncomfortable


Inspiration can come from unsuspecting places

Pottering around the house one Friday night while my partner watched the footy my ears pricked up when I heard the following sentence:

 Get comfortable being uncomfortable, as it is then that we truly grow

This struck a chord with me as growing up I was often taught that feelings of anxiety, stress or pushing your limits were best to be avoided, and that those nice cosy feelings of being within your comfort zone were just that – completely comforting and the best place to be, especially if you wanted to protect yourself from disappointment or hurt.

So when I heard these words of wisdom from a footballer (of all places!), explaining his approach to mentoring young aspiring athletes I took notice.

To encourage these young people to succeed in life, his advice was not just about building physical endurance, but instead stressed the importance of constantly being able to expand yourself mentally – to be prepared to always put yourself out there to learn, grow and develop. As it is only then that you will reach and exceed your goals.

I’ll admit that writing this now, my former outlook on life sounds particularly bleak. But up until about a year ago this is how I operated, massively freaking out at even the thought of trying something new.

But I know I am not alone in often opting for the safe route, as jumping into something where we feel out of our depth or unsure can be pretty damn scary.

So over the past two weeks this little nugget of inspiration has been a source of reference for me as I build the courage to explore one of my passions – nutrition. Not just as a fleeting interest, but perhaps as something that I could actually pursue to become a wealth of knowledge to improve my own health and the health of others.

I revert back to the wise footballer and think:

“Yes, it can be uncomfortable exploring new interests, but if we stay with what we know how will we ever know any different?”

So I’ve opted to welcome some uncomfortable feelings into my life and leap back into the world of study, enrolling in an Advanced Certificate in Nutrition and Diet. This is an initial step before I potentially go the whole hog and pursue at a Post Grad level (I might need more than a footballers insights to get to that stage!)

As I complete the course I’ll try to share with you some insights into the areas of food and diet that in our busy working lives we just don’t have the time or energy to decipher – Are carbs the enemy? If I eat fat will I get fat? How can I get fit when I don’t have the energy to exercise?

Want to help me to push myself further?

Hold me accountable to my goals by letting me know if there are any topics you would be interested in reading about. I’ll give it a crack to explore them within the pages of this blog.

6 thoughts on “Why we need to get comfortable being uncomfortable

  1. Ellise

    LOVE this, Court! Seems like the perfect fit for you. Since I have been trying to cut sugar from my diet, I’m interested in what you dig up about sugar and if it’s really worse for us than fat. Looking forward to following you on your new path xx

  2. Fitsploration

    Looking forward to reading about your discoveries! 🙂 I personally feel great eating less simple carbs, no sugar, and more healthy fat. I never realized that until I started making those difficult changes.
    Best of luck with these journeys, Courtney! It takes strength to purposefully embrace being uncomfortable. Hopefully we can find support in each other’s blog while taking those steps.


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