How we made our ‘tree change’

After returning from nine months on the road the realisation that city life was no longer our cup of tea hit Drew and I like a ton of bricks.

Travelling has a way of really drilling home what’s important in life, what you value and what you want to do with your days. Nothing came clearer than our desire to get back to our country roots, be closer to family, have a backyard and wake up to the sound of birds. We wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of trams and strangers who don’t stop to say g’day on their morning walk.

So when a job opportunity came up for Drew in Gippsland we were packing our bags again – but this time to set up house in Warragul, the town where I was born and raised.

Talk about a grounding experience! Going ‘back home’ where I left 10 years earlier to move in with Drew, go to uni, build myself a life and live on my own accord.

Now we’re renting on the same street where I lived as a baby and only a few blocks away from my Mum, and it couldn’t feel more ‘right’.


During the move Drew and I were also busy planning our wedding (a true DIY project that I will share very soon) and I started commuting to and from Melbourne for my new job.

We got married on a gorgeous Autumn day at the Hade Farm and then took a fleeting but very chilled honeymoon to Bright.

Everything seemed to just happen all at once, like clockwork, like it was all meant to be.

But during all this transformation my brain started to kick in.

“How will you continue working in the city, do you really think you can keep up the commute? What about getting to the gym, how’s that gonna work? When will you catch up with your friends and why the hell haven’t you written in your blog?” – take a breath and repeat.

The mind doesn’t stop. Wanting you to do it all at once, have all the answers, to know where you are going and how exactly the choices you’ve made will impact you in the years to come.

But I’ve learnt that every time I feel overwhelmed by the minds desire to take over the best thing I can do is ACT in line with my values and to just let things ‘be’ – without pushing, poking or prodding to have it all at once.

By doing this I am confident that everything that has transpired over the last six months has truly been letting nature run its course, leaving no if’s or but’s about what we have or haven’t done as we’ve moved closer to our ideal life in the country.

When I simply take action aligned with my values I feel that life becomes a bit easier, having the answers to these questions is less important and whatever comes my way is perfect for me.

This may not be a foolproof strategy, and sometimes I do and will get anxious, but if the last few months have taught me anything it’s that when you are true to yourself and open to opportunities things will work out. A little faith also goes a long way in moving you forward in the ‘right’ direction.

If you told me this time last year that I’d be married and fondly calling Warragul ‘home’ I would have laughed.

Now as I sit on the v-line tapping out this post en-route home I’m curious as to where I, Mrs Hade, will be in 12 months time if I continue to trust my gut and simply lap up this ‘tree change’.

Drew and Court wedding

At least I know no matter what I’ll always have my husband by my side. Awwwhhh.

4 thoughts on “How we made our ‘tree change’

  1. whitey

    Always look forward to reading your blogs. As with all the others this one is very thought provoking. Making me stop and consider and appreciate my own wonderful surroundings and circumstance. I’m truly blessed to have good health a lovely home and an amazing loving partner and family to share it all with! !! Keep up the good work xx

    1. Courtney Post author

      Thanks Whitey! & how blessed we are to have such incredible family to share & create all of these amazing moments with. There is certainly a lot to be thankful for:-) Glad you enjoyed this piece, I’m happy I’ve found a little bit if my writing mojo after a stint of writers block, it’s comments like these that get me back putting pen to paper. Xx

  2. Mags & Macca

    Congratulations to you both Courtney!
    What a wonderful journey and adventure you embarked on… and to think., some folk questioned your desire to travel Australia..!!
    May your decision to return to country roots, bare rich fruit for you both.
    Follow your dreams and take care,
    Love, Maggie & Graham McKern

    1. Courtney Post author

      Thank you both for your lovely comment & congratulations. Yes absolutely no doubt that our trip was one of a lifetime & occured for many reasons that we could never truly have known before we set off.

      I hope you are both well, full of good health & enjoying married life 🙂 xx


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