What’s the secret to life? There is none

Sun filtered through the canopy of palm trees casting a glare right into my eyes as I’m trying to locate a two dollar coin in my purse. My cheap sunnies weren’t really doing their job as I scrounged around impatiently for the cash to buy three ripe ‘ready to eat’ avocados at the Mission Beach Sunday market.

When I finally looked up from the depths of my handbag, I was face to face with a man greedily taking a bite from a capsicum, piercing the red flesh with his teeth as though it were a juicy apple; like it was the best thing he had ever tasted.

I pipe up, ‘You’ve got the right idea’.

He smiled at me with a wicked grin as his blue eyes sparkled; but he didn’t utter a word.

It was as if he knew something I didn’t, some secret to life that leads him to be so healthy, carefree; so alive.

As he strolled away towards the next stall, I couldn’t help but admire his quiet air of confidence and grace.

His body was tanned and toned. He had a full head of thick grey shoulder length hair and a face framed with wrinkles.

He looked familiar.

A week earlier I noticed his cheeky face and self-assured swagger as he flitted about with friends on the green lawns at the Yacht Club in Port Douglas on a balmy Saturday evening.

The day prior I saw him busk in the main street of town, so enthralled in his music, seemingly unconcerned that passers-by were giving him absolute donuts.

Regardless, he was lost in his own music, going with the flow.

To me he appeared cool, calm and collected, like he wasn’t afraid to share himself with the world; like he had nothing to lose.

I caught teensy snippets into this man’s life.

Not enough to know his life story or his deepest internal thoughts, but enough to be captivated.

It was the way he held himself that got under my skin.

Light as a feather. No baggage, no hang ups. Not a care in the world.

Not for a second do I want to bump into this man again to ask him what his secret is – because after many years of ‘soul searching’ I’m soon learning that there is no magic secret to living a happy and meaningful life.

It’s time to get real.

Let’s be realistic. It’s unlikely my mystery man has not had a life without set backs, disappointments and worries. After all, he is only human.

But when I looked at him I was reminded that we all possess the ability to live with zest for life and a pep in our step despite what the world may throw our way, how people act around us or the silly thoughts swirling in our minds.

So rather than wait for some miracle or perfect formula to land in my lap I am starting to CHOOSE to share love and joy EVERYDAY and remind myself that I am lucky to be alive.

Life isn’t perfect. Sometimes things won’t go your way but it doesn’t mean we have to halt our own happiness or ability to live.

So don’t wait until tomorrow to take that bite out of the juicy capsicum that is life. Do it TODAY.


Mission Beach Australia





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