Sharing the love from WA

Before embarking on this trip I wondered where I would be spending my 28th birthday. Maybe we’d lash out on luxurious accommodation and have a fancy meal somewhere.

Fast forward a few months and it is the eve of my birthday.

We’ve spent this afternoon doing washing, cleaning the car and re-supplying as tomorrow we will hit the road and drive about 600kms.  Then we will pull up to camp roadside, sans shower or flushing loo.

Although this seems out of sorts with what I imagined almost four months ago, I am extremely happy to mark the beginning of my 28th year of life travelling on the road.

Cable Beach Broome Proposal

I’ll be spending my birthday in the car driving around the countryside with this guy…

While it’s wonderful to plan special occasions to celebrate birthdays and the like, I’m realising that every moment we have on this earth is special.

Every moment has potential to bring happiness and fulfilment – whether dining in a fancy restaurant, camping in a tent or driving seemingly endless roads.

I’ll be honest; I’m still flying high on a very special moment that happened in Broome almost three weeks ago.

Beneath an incredible sunset at Cable Beach, my partner in crime of nearly nine years dropped down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

Drew certainly did a good job affirming the fact that any day can be transformed in an instant if you release all expectations.

Cable Beach Sunset Proposal

Creating special memories on Cable Beach

This is what we plan to do as we continue our journey around Australia, one that is often reserved for retirees. These ‘Grey Nomads’ that we see and meet along the way inspire us to build a happy and healthy life together.

Recently we saw a couple at a gorge along The Gibb River Road who had to be at least 70. They had trekked over huge boulder rocks into one of the beautiful gorges for a dip, looking very content.

Later on we overheard the couple proudly telling another pair that the reason they were travelling Australia was to mark 50 years of marriage.

If in 50 years Drew and I are fit and able to travel the countryside together then I couldn’t ask for more.

And if I can spend my birthday tomorrow, and every one thereafter waking up next to Drew then I’ll be a happy girl.

Gorges of Western Australia

In 50 years we may look a little different, but we will sure be back exploring the beautiful gorges of The Kimberley together.


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  1. Carli D'Amico

    Happy birthday Courtney we know you will have a fabulous day, but let’s be honest every day is awesome when you are on one big holiday. Love from Carlo, Juliette and Carli xoxo


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