Protein packed evening salad

This salad is the perfect ‘wham bam thank you mam’ of meals. Simply collect whatever vegies you have in the fridge, together with a few boiled eggs and you’ve got a nutritious dinner. Particularly good if you are conscious of not eating foods that are too heavy at night time. 

I’ll be honest,I can’t claim this recipe as my own. My partner made this last Sunday night when we couldn’t be bothered cooking anything substantial as we had been out all day. Give it a try for yourself, and make sure to check out the info below on some of the superstar ingredients that made this salad a healthy option. 


  • tomatoes diced
  • capsicum diced 
  • button mushrooms
  • silverbeet 
  • spring onion
  • avocado
  • ricotta cheese
  • parsley
  • drizzle olive oil
  • pinch salt and pepper
  • squeeze fresh lemon juice
  • boil eggs sliced


  • Pop eggs on to boil (approx 10 minutes)
  • While they boil, chop everything up, throw into a salad bowl, add oil and flavourings, toss and serve with eggs sliced on top. 

Too easy!

Nutritional value

The heroes of this dish are the eggs, avocado and ricotta cheese

The heroes of this dish are the eggs, avocado and ricotta cheese

Avocado – Great source of vitamins, minerals and oils containing vitamins E, A, B and

potassium. Avocado is also high in lecithin, which is a brain food, and most of its calories comes from easily digested fats, mainly monosaturated fatty acids. Avo’s are good for people trying to lower blood sugar as it contains a special type of sugar which slows down secretion of insulin – so they are also good to add to any weight loss diet as they help to give a feeling of fullness for longer. 

Eggs – We all know these are pocket rockets, but did you know eggs carry more nutrients per calorie than any other animal food (that is except milk!)? Eggs contain very balanced nutrition with many B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12 and niacin) and many minerals and trace elements like iron, zinc, selenium, phosporus, calcium,magnesium and potassium, and especially sulphus. The list just goes on – but in an egg shell (see what I did there?), get stuck into eggs for protein and to help build up your immune system. 

Ricotta cheese – Apparently ricotta cheese is a mixed bag as far as its healthfulness goes. It is quite high in fat and in calories; however, it has much nutritional value from the vitamins and minerals it contains. A serving of  full fat ricotta cheese will give you approx 40 percent of the daily value of phosphorus, 28 percent of riboflavin, 22 percent of vitamin A, 19 percent of zinc and 14 percent of the daily value of vitamin B-12. 

I am in the ‘natural fats are good camp’ and take note of the amazing benefits you can give your body by eating cheese and other full fat products. Have a read here if you are interested to see why saturated fat should perhaps be considered in a different light. 

Nutrients A-Z, A Users Guide to Foods, Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements, Dr Michael Sharon, Australia, 2004


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