One man’s trash is another woman’s treasure

One man’s trash is another woman’s treasure

When I was a kid I remember spending hours on the weekends amusing myself by fossicking about in Dad’s shed, looking around the garden and rummaging through the house to see what I could create.  More often than not this involved bringing an old piece of wood, Mum’s good sheets or a broken TV (yes, a broken TV) into my bedroom and making what I would think was a ‘masterpiece’.

I would find great amusement in rearranging my furniture at least once a week, making cushions or  plastering book contact over my bedroom walls to ‘jazz it up’. I haven’t really come all that far as I still thoroughly believe and live by the saying that one man’s trash is another woman’s treasure (or so I have adapted it to be).

So when my partner and I bought our first place just over a year ago and dived straight into some major renovations, I was excited… Not necessarily for the hard yakka work itself, but for when the time would come to get creative and adorn our house with pretty things.

One year down and I realise there will probably never be a ‘grand reveal’. It’s true what you read in all of those design magazines, that creating a home truly is a constant process (and this is especially the case for me as I like to change things around so often).

Plus as they say: Rome wasn’t built in a day.

But as I build CourtneysEmpire I will be sure to share some progress from along the way.

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