This year my mantra has been to ‘Get comfortable being uncomfortable”.

I’ve found this to be an internal driving force behind many of the things I have tackled this year, as I’ve tried to extend myself out of my comfort zone to find what really makes me tick.

This led me to try out a little study in the field of nutrition and pass two exams with flying colours (as my Nana would have said). I also started this blog as a place to share my explorations with all things health and wellbeing.

It has been encouraging that others also enjoy reading about the things that make my heart sing (like green smoothies and yoga).

But this year hasn’t all been smooth sailing…

I have experienced ups and downs this year but not without taking something away from the tears and frustration. My key learning has been to just enjoy the journey that goes with everything you do.

I spent a great part of this year being caught up with wanting to know where I was going. This became extremely overwhelming at times.

What should I study? Where will it lead me? Will I be able to succeed if I try something new? Why do I even bother?

I quickly realised that to get anywhere in life I needed to start letting go, make my own decisions and take little steps to reach my goals bit by bit. And most of all, trust myself and the process of life.

And you know what? In doing so, all is working out fine!

Do you take notice of the journey or just the destination?

Are you always more concerned about reaching the end goal that you don’t recognise the small wins?

Sometimes the process of studying, training for a fun run, or renovating our house goes completely unappreciated because we are waiting for the final payoff.

We only want to be able to say we COMPLETED something. But we have forgotten that it is the little parts that make up a bigger picture, and without these parts we would never get anywhere near achieving that end result.

Can you relate to this?

Is so, next time you set off to accomplish a goal take note of all of the nitty gritty effort that goes into getting there. And reward yourself for reaching small milestones.

Because it is the small learnings and experiences along the way that makes reaching a goal worthwhile.

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