We are officially ‘Young Nomads’

For anyone who has ever dreamt of travelling around Australia my partner Drew and I are hoping to inspire you to do just that. We’ve been lucky enough to be approached by Caravan and Trailer Component & Accessories Manufacturer AL-KO to document our experiences as we complete our big lap of Australia.

Here is the first published article and accompanying video we have provided for ‘Without a Hitch‘, and I will be sure to share them as the months pass.

The Big Trip: Meet Drew & Court

Hi, we’re Court and Drew. We’re a Melbourne couple in our late 20s, and we’ve decided to leave our regular lives behind to experience the nomadic lifestyle. For the next 10 months we’ll be documenting our adventures and challenges for Without a Hitch, so you can get the real story of what life on the road is like.

We both grew up in Gippsland, Victoria, and have always enjoyed the great outdoors. But after taking a few camping trips to places like Tasmania and the east coast, we started to wonder what it would be like to travel the whole country – in one go.

Initially the idea seemed a little crazy. We didn’t have any real camping gear, we’d just finished renovating our home, and we weren’t sure how we would find the money to get ourselves set up. Besides, what would we do with our jobs?

It seemed like there was just too much to consider and too many big decisions to make. But doing this trip was all we could think about, so slowly we started to make it happen. We’re just starting off on our trip now, and we can’t wait to share it with you.


Read the original article and watch the video here: http://withoutahitch.com.au/caravan/young_nomads_meet_drew-and-court/

This experience has been a fun way to capture our trip, and we are sure it will serve as something that we can look back on and remember once it has passed! Hopefully as we continue we will become more natural in front of the camera;-)


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