Make your own salad in a jar

It’s a trend that is catching on quickly. Some might say it’s a bit ‘Hipster’, but I like to think of it as convenience (nothing leaks or spills) and also a way to avoid the nasty toxins that seep out of plastic when it’s heated.

I headed to the op shop and purchased a couple of random sized jars that I use every day. See pictured my day’s worth of food jars from Tuesday this week.

My favourite jar recipes

Truth is, I’m not much of a recipe follower. I tend to throw things together at the last minute and enjoy eating random left overs.

But I will admit, I did originally get the idea of food in jars from Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar cook book.

She shares a grated salad that is super easy and a good place to start if you are not sure about the whole jar thang! It contains some good salad combos and ideas for healthy dressings.

Here’s some recipes for more jar inspo from Courtney’s Empire:

All of these are free of wheat and refined sugar AND taste delicious. 

If that’s not enough, all of these salads could easily be made and popped into a jar:

Make use of left overs

My go to’s are always super easy and usually made up of what I’ve had for dinner the night before. You don’t just have to put salad in a jar – anything goes!

I find that if you have the ingredients in the fridge like spinach, kale, pre roasted veg, fresh veg etc and some protein (including nuts, they go good too) you can pretty much throw anything together for lunch pretty quickly.

A tin of tuna or diced tomato also come in handy, as do boiled eggs.

Today I had layered kale, diced celery, carrot, red capsicum, GF pasta, avocado, left over pasta and boiled egg drizzled with olive oil. Doesn’t sound that exciting but the avocado and oil should make it tasty.

Share your creations with me

Made a salad that you’re proud of or a random left over creation? I want to see it!


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