I’ve quit my job to explore Australia in 2015

Yep you read correctly. My partner and I have gone all crazy with our New Year’s Resolutions and decided that 2015 is the year to achieve one of our biggest goals so far – to travel around Australia.

No, we are not going into early retirement, just expanding our horizons and seeing how much of this beautiful country we can see in around 10 months. Unfortunately this has meant we’ve needed to make some hard decisions, such as renting out our recently renovated home, and for me, leaving my awesome job – but hopefully these sacrifices will pay off in the end!

As we head off in our 4WD we plan to tour South Australia, around the West Coast, up North, through the Red Centre, across to sunny Queensland, all the way up to Cape York, down, in and around the East Coast and back to our starting point of Melbourne town.

We invite you to join us on this journey by subscribing to this blog where we will be sharing updates of our adventures along the way as we attempt to forgo our everyday comforts, live simply, get back to basics and just enjoy life.

I’m certainly aware that this adventure will bring with it many challenges, but I am excited to extend myself to see what new ways I find to stay fit, healthy and sane! But most of all it is the anticipation of the recipes I can create around the campfire that I’m most excited about (let’s be honest!)

If you are keen for a sneak peak on our travel plans so far you can also take a look here.

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