Introducing our home for the big lap around Australia

We have been fortunate enough to borrow the family A-van to accommodate us for the parts of our adventure around Australia where we won’t be off road and in a tent.

It’s a ripper of a van, goes up in under two minutes and is fully equipped with all that we could need: Fridge, gas hotplates, sink, pumping water, kitchen table and a comfy double bed.

Given the van was purchased in the 90’s the interior left a little to be desired and didn’t scream somewhere I’d want to spend 10 months.

DIY interior update

One of my first priorities when we set our sights on doing this trip and were granted permission to use the van was to do a bit of DIY revamping.

I’m not the best sewer, but I am always keen to have a go. Instead of creating new curtains from scratch, I just purchased new material and sewed this onto the front of the old ones. I also created new covers for our kitchen table bench seats.

I wasn’t keen on spending heaps on a new doona cover to match so I found some pretty material at Spotlight, measured it to fit the front facing size of a double bed, and sewed up the sides and ends with an old sheet for the back – very easy.

I splurged slightly on the fabric, paying $120 in total at Spotlight, but with a $40 voucher it worked out much cheaper.

Total cost = $80

Time spent = approx five hours



Our caravan before the DIY interior update

Our boudoir wasn’t looking very inspiring before the DIY update…

Before the DIY update to our caravan interior

The kitchen was lacking a bit of personality…

The kitchen table looking a little naked and in need of some love.

So I stripped the place bare and gave it some love.



Update your caravan with some simple DIY ideas

A few small changes like covering the old curtains and seat covers made a massive difference and I can see myself eating some healthy dinners here.


Update the look of your caravan for less if you do it yourself

A bright new doona helped to brighten up the boudoir – I need to remember to pack the pillows before we set off!

All I can hope is that when we’re lying in bed on a hot sweaty night pining for the cool aircon of our apartment back in Melbourne that the pretty yellow decor will at least give us some comfort and not make us miss home too much…

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