Touring Aus with a little help from our friends

Before I left on this adventure many people asked me how I was feeling. But I couldn’t really answer it because knowing that our lives were going to dramatically change when we left the comfort of home behind was a little hard to comprehend. Especially the fact that each day from now on can pretty much decided by us, (and of course the elements of nature).

With this amount of freedom also comes a few decisions. Like where to spend our time, and what places are worth visiting and which ones should we coast on past.

So to help us start to navigate the unknown we asked our family and friends to share with us their tips for a great adventure, and also any great gems they’ve come across in their own travels of Australia.

Travel suggestions from friends

We received more than 50 suggestions which lead to a few hours of entertainment spread across our first two days of driving from Melbourne to Portland.

We will be documenting each suggestion down and making an attempt to visit each place, especially Kalbarri National Park that came up more than once.

A couple of suggestions are listed below, but there are some other classic pieces of advice that may be best kept to ourselves…

Advice for our All Aussie Adventure

Sometimes it is worth paying for an experience of a lifetime.

Try to start each day as if it is your first.

Bags the passenger seat, kick back and enjoy watching the world go by.

Suggested must see destinations

Have a drink at the Mangrove Hotel at Cable Beach

Josephine Falls, North Queensland – Beautiful walk and natural water slide

Fraser Island Camping

Margaret River Wineries

My advice for other travellers

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to know where you are going to be and when. We are only a couple of days in and already are finding that the journey will be much more enjoyable if we just go where the wind takes us. But if you’re setting off for a big trip anytime soon I would definitely recommend asking people for suggestions of where to visit or advice for a good trip. After all you can always decide if you take it or not, and it is a great place to start to plan your itinerary.

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