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If you are looking for a writer to tell your story with an honest and down to earth approach, Courtney’s Empire may be just your cup of tea.

With more than six years experience as a marketing and communications professional, I create influential content that achieves positive organisational and community outcomes.

For published examples of how I string a sentence together check out the links below.

Lifestyle – Caravan & Towing

Inspiring others to trade in city life for the great outdoors via Without a Hitch – an online hub by Caravan and Trailer Component and Accessories Manufacturer AL-KO.

How to rent out your home
Generate some income for your big trip with this simple guide. 

How to budget for the big lap
Read all you need to know to budget for a trip around Australia.

Planning your big lap
The simple tips you need to know to chase the good weather around Australia.

Make your caravan feel like home
Check out these simple tips to make your home on wheels oh so cosy.

Respecting the land while on the road
Learn what it takes to live a harmonious life on the road.

A day in the life of a young nomad
You’ll be ready to pack your bags after watching this video.

Road test: solar panels
Find out how you can have the luxury of power, even when travelling in outback Australia.

Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

As Senior Marketing Coordinator at SuperFriend, I published content to support ‘all profit to member’ superannuation funds improve the mental health and wellbeing of their members, through the workplace. 

Suicide and language – Why we shouldn’t use the ‘C’ word
Understand what you could say to have an appropriate conversation about suicide.

Preventing mental health problems in the workplace
Find out how investing in the mental health of your workforce can create a productive and innovative workplace that recruits and retains the best and brightest people.

Workplace mentoring for mental health & wellbeing
The changing nature of work and an increasingly challenging work environment has contributed to a rise in mental health problems within the Australian workforce. So what does this mean for your workplace and what can you do?

Health & Wellbeing

Positive thinking

10 steps to a simple life
Find out how living a healthy and enjoyable life can be as easy as counting to ten.

Why we need to get comfortable being uncomfortable
Learn how to harness anxiety and discomfort to succeed in life.

Act your age, not your shoe size
Why should kids have all the fun? Get excited about being alive.


Can’t sleep? I suggest you eat
The answer to getting some shut eye may be hiding inside your cupboard.

Drink your way to better health
Up the ante on your daily nutrient intake by blitzing a smoothie.


The art of storytelling in Kakadu
Appreciate the culture of the people living on this land long before us and our ancestors.

Top 3 South Australian wine regions
If you love a good drop of vino look no further than the Festival State for your next holiday destination.

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