Find meaning in every day

This week we met a couple of older men enjoying a camping escape from their respective wives and families. They loved a good yarn, a can of coke around the campfire and going fishing. After a day out with their rods they showed us a massive shark they’d caught and told us how they would prepare it to eat. We were pretty impressed. It was only later that we learnt that one was terminally ill with cancer, and the other suffered from Alzheimer’s.

This camping trip for these men was most likely much more than a couple of days in the bush. It was perhaps a chance to enjoy the simple pleasures in life and not have to worry about the future or what tomorrow holds.

To think that we have another stretch of eight months travel escape ahead of us, and then beyond this we envision our entire lives being available to live really hits home the fact that life is not certain. Life is not a given, it is a privilege that we need to treasure.

The reality of death seems to have great power in making people stop to contemplate what really matters most?  If you knew you wouldn’t be around to see tomorrow is there anything different you’d be doing today? Sadly in most cases, the answer to this question is yes, you’d be doing what you love and not wasting time on things that don’t matter. But rarely do we actually act on these thoughts.

Making it happen

You’ve heard it before – life’s too short to not do what you love each and every day. But the reality is, the only person that can make this happen is you. We are the only ones who have the power to choose if we will let life simply happen to us, or if we will take the opportunity to truly live on this earth.

I’m challenging myself to be more mindful in each moment and not take anything for granted. But most of all, take active steps to ensure that I am moving my life in a direction that I am proud of and happy to live.

With each day take the opportunity to do something that makes you fulfilled – tell someone you love them, start a project you’ve put off for a while, or just have a laugh with friends or eat some good food. Whatever it is, make your time on earth meaningful to you – not living up to others expectations about what you ‘should’ be doing.

What is it that adds meaning to your life?

For me it’s looking after my health and wellbeing, challenging myself physically and mentally, and most of all sharing love and joy. This basically means that if I can eat well, practice yoga, write, spend time with my partner or have a chat to a stranger at our campsite then a day has been positively fulfilled.

I hope everyone had a very happy Easter, with  the chance to enjoy each moment and the wonderful gift that is life.

Getting out into the great outdoors

Challenging myself by doing things I never thought I’d be physically capable to do…

Feeling on top of the world

Like climbing mountains!


4 thoughts on “Find meaning in every day

  1. Brigitte

    That’s beautiful Courtney, a profound piece of writing, great to wake up to your voice in The Andes. We are at Ollogue surrounded by volcanoes and living life on the edge making the most of each day, stay safe love Brigittexxx

    1. Courtney Post author

      Thanks Brigette,
      It is lovely to hear from you and that you are enjoying each day of your exciting adventure – it sounds incredible. Stay safe and we look forward to hearing of your travels one day upon our return.

  2. Maggie McKern

    Well done to you both. Courtney, I knew you ‘had to do this trip’ and your meeting with these two ‘wise men’ has endorsed that without doubt. God Bless, safe travels.

    1. Courtney Post author

      Thank you Maggie, it is all certainly feeling like this trip it is meant to be. So far there have been many, many opportunities to learn a few things along the way that is for sure.


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