Exercising in the great outdoors

Before embarking on this trip I thought I might find it difficult to fit in daily exercise as I’ll admit I was pretty anal about my routine before we set off. Gym most days, yoga classes, body pump, running etc. Thing is, I had to get up at stupid o’clock to squeeze this in, and mostly I was inside a gym.

I think I was a little crazy even worrying about this, as now, pretty much everyday is an opportunity to get out and about and moving, and what’s better is all the time we are outdoors doing it which makes me feel even more energised.

Finding the motivation to get moving

What I’m becoming to realise that if you want to do something, like daily exercise, then you can pretty much do it anywhere – just make it happen and most of all, enjoy it!

Even without gym equipment there’s still so much I’ve found I can do – use rocks at the beach for weights, do push ups and tricep dips on benches, set up little cardio stations at a campsite or just roll out a towel and do some stretches. You’ve just got to have a little motivation to get started and stick with it.

Here’s some quick snapshots taken in the first couple of weeks which includes getting out and about in South Australia – Mount Gambier at Blue Lake and also Beachport.


Blue Lake Mount Gambier. Here we walked the circumference of approx 4km.

Blue Lake, Mount Gambier. Here we walked the circumference of approx 4km.


Doing walks at every opportunity to explore the sights.

Beach workout

Beaches prove to be a great spot for dropping and giving 20!

Park exercise equipment

Most parks have great exercise opportunities and I’ve been lucky to find a few!


Frenchman's Peak, WA

Feeling on top of the world on top of Frenchman’s Peak, a snippet of the activities to come as we explore Western Australia.


Tell me where’s your favourite outdoor spot to exercise?

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