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Start the day with a green smothie

Start the day with a green (or purple!) smoothie

Finding it hard to get your five serves of veggies each day? Why not try upping the ante on your daily nutrient intake by blitzing a smoothie?

Traditionally when you think of a smoothie generally you might think of berries, bannana and milk.

While you can make a smoothie with these ingredients to get a boost of calcium, potassium and probiotics, you can really raise the goodness of your food intake by blitzing up some greens on a daily basis.

A green (or purple!) smoothie is now part of my morning routine, but I will admit that I only first tried drinking one just over a year ago.

I was curious after reading an article in Body Mind and Soul magazine that documented one woman’s battle with autoimmune disease and how she had found green smoothies a great way to assist her on a path to better health. Particularly better gut and digestive health, which is something I have always struggled with.

Inspired by this article I decided to see what spinach, pineapple and banana blended with water tasted like. I thought it was crazy adding salad leaves to a drink, but the result was pretty tasty. So my fascination grew from there.

How to make a nutritious smoothie

A Sunbeam blender is all I use to whiz up the perfect smoothie

A Sunbeam blender is all I use to whiz up the perfect smoothie

I’ve been asked a few times by different people this week what I use to make my smoothies. Truth is, it’s nothing fandangled. I just use a typical blender. Mine is Sunbeam branded (pictured), and works a treat with ice popped in first, followed by the fruit and veg. Top up with water, coconut water or almond milk and you are good to blitz for approx one minute until nice and smooth.

Hot tip: The most important vitamins in veggies – A, E, D and K – are only absorbed when eaten with fat. So make sure you incorporate some fat into the mix. Avocado, coconut oil/water/milk or chia seeds work well. I like to snack on some nuts or a boiled egg while drinking my concoctions.

Smoothie recipes for inspiration

Zesty coconut blitz smoothie

Awaken your senses and pump up the antioxidants with a “Zesty coconut blitz”

Anything goes really. But here are some combinations I enjoy:

Zesty coconut blitz – awaken your senses and pump up the antioxidants
Fresh coconut meat
Frozen raspberries
Add water or coconut water

Morning cleanser – refresh your belly and aid digestion
Kiwi fruit
Squeeze lemon juice
Add water

Banana ginger ninja- boost your immunity
Green apple

Tip: If you are new to drinking your greens start of with higher fruit to veg ratio and gradually decrease the sweetness as your taste buds adjust. Remember, it’s important to blend rather than juice so you get the whole nutrients of the fruit and veg and also allow a slower release of energy. Fruit juice alone is loaded with nothing more than sugar that causes a spike in insulin. This leaves you feeling a sharp decline in energy not too long after drinking. Blending whole fruit with fibrous veg ensures you get the biggest nutritional bang for your buck! 

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