A day of rest and recovery in Rapid Bay, SA

For those who are intrigued how we’ve been spending our days, here’s a little excerpt from a day in the life of Drew and Court as we travel Australia.

Friday 20th February

At 8am Drew and Court woke to the sound of cockatoo’s in the trees surrounding the campsite. They had been travelling pretty much non stop,covering ground from Melbourne up the South Australian coast and decided today would be the day  they wouldn’t drive anywhere at all.

So Court decided to go for a short run up to the jetty before the days heat kicked in. At the jetty she chatted to a few fishermen who had caught several squid, and to prove it, black ink was squirted in spots on the ground beneath.

Returning to the van she stretched out on the lawn to do some yoga while Drew made his morning coffee, frothing his milk with a $10 contraption from Big W.

He was gearing up to go fishing, but once they were set up they threw in heaps of lines only to have the bait taken straight from their hooks. After a while Court reeled in her first fish – ever! It was a Heering (apparently also known as Tommy Rough) but as it was so tiny, like Rex Hunt, she had to kiss and throw him back.

Excited to have caught my first fish

Excited to have caught my first fish

Now it was getting hot, so after a leisurely lunch of salad and left over roast beef back at the van, they set up the beach tent and spent the arvo in and out of the water, reading their books and snorkelling the crystal clear water.

Trying out our new underwater camera

Trying out our new underwater camera

Bored of this, they decided to stroll up to where the beach met the side of the giant Adelaide Hills. They thought this spot looked pretty secluded so they stripped off their bathers and pretended to be Ocean Girl (and Boy) – when in Rome.

It had been a big day so they headed back to camp to prepare dinner – chicken drumsticks on the Webber with a side of crispy potato cubes, tomatoes, pumpkin and cauliflower. They don’t feel like they have had to rough it too badly yet when it comes to meal time!

chicken drumsticks and crispy potatoes.

Camping food is proving to be delicious when you have a Webber to cook chicken drumsticks and crispy potatoes.

They spent the rest of the night packing for their first tent camping adventure at Kangaroo Island and packing all food and essential items into secured tubs.

Stay tuned for more excerpts from Court and Drew’s all Aussie Adventure as they attempt to live a healthy and simple life while travelling Australia.

2 thoughts on “A day of rest and recovery in Rapid Bay, SA

  1. Macca

    It sounds fantastic guys! Enjoy. We are planning to have a week on Kangaroo Island in the second half of the year, so we look forward to your blog to get your impressions. Mags and Maccz

    1. Courtney's Empire

      Thanks for your comment guys, we are returning from Kangaroo Island now feeling incredibly relaxed. My top tip would be to go at an off peak time & be prepared to just claim your own little part of the island, kick back & enjoy doing not much at all. We spent a lot of time driving around trying to see all the island has to offer but realised we were much more content pulling up a deck chair & reading a book in the sun or on a beach to ourselves. Must see spots though include Flinders Chase NP (bushwalking & Remarkable Rocks), beautiful secluded camping at Snake Lagoon & Discovery Lagoon, Emu Bay. Hopefully I’ll share a post to detail more of this. Feel free to send me an email anytime. Cheers, Courtney


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