Chicken salad gets a makeover


Roast chicken shredded
1/4 cup buckwheat
Handful spinach leaves shredded
1/2 red capsicum
1/4 zucchini
Handful pumpkin seeds
Drizzle olive oil
Chilli flakes (optional)

1. Pop buckwheat into a saucepan with 1/2 cup hot water. Bring to boil, stirring occasionally. When boiled, pop on lid then simmer for 10 mins till cooked. Keep stirring so it doesn’t stick!

2.While that’s doing its thing, pop chopped capsicum & zucchini onto a piece of foil, drizzle over some olive oil, add some chill flakes, salt & pepper, & put under grill for approx 10 mins.

3. When buckwheat & grilled veg are done, throw into a bowl with spinach, pumpkin seeds & the chicken.

4. Toss together & enjoy!

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