Café Crush – Red Robyn Gluten Free Café

Given my wheat intolerance, I was pretty over the moon when I stumbled across a cute little cafe in Camberwell which prides itself on catering for all dietary requirements.

The vegetable cornbread served with baked mushrooms deserves a special mention

The vegetable cornbread served with baked mushrooms deserves a special mention

The first time I went to Red Robyn I was in awe of the menu – I could actually order anything I wanted, without having to pester a waiter beforehand.

As well as being 100% gluten free, Red Robyn also specify which menu items are: vegetarian, dairy free, egg free, FODMAP friendly (or can be made FODMAP friendly), or containing nuts.

If that’s not considerate enough, if you happen to have a dietary requirement outside of those listed on the menu the friendly and knowledgeable staff are more than happy to help whip something up for you.

Red Robyn state on their website:

Your dietary requirement is our issue

For this reason you feel welcome at Red Robyn Cafe, and not at all high maintenance. As here, dietary requirements are the norm.

Red Robyn is a breath of fresh air in the Melbourne café scene which will hopefully see a trend towards restaurants and cafes being more flexible when it comes to dietary requirements, and actually communicating what is in each dish on their menus.

Highlight dish – Sweet potato rosti

The sweet potato rosti, served with salmon and rocket is a must try dish

The sweet potato rosti is a must try dish

If you order the sweet potato rosti you will not get food regret! This serve of deliciousness is the perfect mix of a crunchy outer and smooth insides, topped with perfectly cooked spinach and a large serve of salmon. But don’t order this if you plan on fitting in some of their delicious looking scones with jam and cream afterwards – as they just won’t fit in!

The serving sizes are very generous, but as the food is more-ish you won’t be able to stop yourself from devouring the entire dish.

Whether you have allergies or not do yourself a favour and head to Red Robyn café – it is sure to please.

Visit to check it out or you can view their current menu here.

Or just take my word for it and call (03) 9077 3763 to book your next weekend brunch catch up.

Address: 393 Camberwell Rd, Camberwell

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