Where’s the country charm in the big smoke?

As many of you know Drew and I have returned to Melbourne, all ready to start work back in the big smoke.

Many people have asked us what it’s like adjusting to ‘reality’, living in a house and having access to all of life’s creature comforts.

The house is great, I’m loving the regular showers and access to an abundance of fresh fruit and veg and of course seeing friends and family again.

Can you sense a but coming?….

But the main thing I’m struggling with being back in Melbourne is that for such a populated place, the city sure can feel lonely.

On our first afternoon back…

We were walking the streets of Hawthorn, and passed a few people and each one we said hello to. We only got blank stares.

I understand the city is far too populated to say hello to absolutely everyone, but it was a quiet Sunday afternoon. Not peak hour on the train.

Then today…

I was in the park doing yoga and noticed a lady lifting weights next to her car while her dog happily ran about.

Just as I was moving into my next pose, the kelpie came bounding towards me dropping his ball hopefully onto my yoga mat, a little slobber offered with it.

I laughed and stopped doing my pose to throw the dog his ball. He returned it. So I threw it again. God he was a happy dog.

His owner – not so happy. She marched over yelling ‘no, no’, ‘Ernie come here right now’.

While I protested ‘it’s OK’, ‘he’s fine’, and made some joke about Ernie wanting to join me for a bit of downward dog action, she pretty much ignored making eye contact, grabbed Ernie by the collar, coaxed him into the back of her SUV and drove off.

I was a little wounded. I thought I’d made a friend and in less than 30 seconds he was gone.

I can’t help but think that if I were still in outback Aus and this happened the owner’s reaction may have been a little different.

While camped in Qld I recall a Shih Tzu coming up and peeing on our caravan mat and we ended up having a good chin wag with the dog’s owner around our campsite. Another lady even let me take her dog for a run.

Why so serious in the city?

There may have been many reasons from this ladies reaction. I understand that from her perspective perhaps I looked far too zen to be welcome a dog interrupting my yoga session. Perhaps she really did have somewhere else to be. No time to even giggle at my downward dog joke. But seriously we were a few metres from each other and I got nada – peanuts. Just Ernie slobber.

Whatever was going on for this woman it made me realise how important it is to keep a little country charm now that I am back in the big smoke.

I want to keep the friendliness of the outback where people say ‘G’day’ to each other, they’re not afraid to laugh at their own expense or find friends in unsuspecting places.

Maybe tomorrow when you’re out and about say G’day, smile or even tip your hat to a stranger – you might just make their day.

Bringing country charm to the big smoke

Bring a little country charm to the big smoke!

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