Six fuss-free beauty tips from life on the road

Whether you’re roughing it in the bush or cocooned in the central cooling comfort of your office these six tips will reduce your time spent looking in the mirror, freeing up your day to simply enjoy being an au natural Australian beauty.

1.     Drink water

Buy a water bottle, fill it up, take it with you everywhere, and sip throughout the day – a bloody simple way to hydrate your body that looses at least two litres of water a day through urine, perspiration, breath and defecation. All of which can leave skin looking sallow and undernourished.

2.     Eat as close to nature as possible

You don’t have to be travelling through a remote location to beautify yourself from the inside out with bush tucker. Visit your local green grocer, or even the fruit and veg section of the supermarket to stock up on real unprocessed foods. Nuts and seeds make awesome snacks to have throughout the day.

We’ve enjoyed eating fresh coconut meat, sipping its water and overall reaping the health benefits straight from the palm. Learn more about the benefits of coconuts here.

Drinking coconut water

3.     Protect your skin from the sun

How many people have to die of skin cancer before we realise that roasting our skin like a chook on a rotisserie every time we visit the beach just isn’t smart?

Avoid the red rooster look and wear a wide brim hat and cotton shirt. If you put nothing else on your face make sure it’s SPF, and if you don’t want wrinkly sun damaged hands, give them a coating too.

4.     Be comfortable in your own skin

This time last year I broke off a long term relationship with make-up. Now I’m able to enjoy a one night stand here and there with a bit of mascara and foundation for a few hours but don’t have to worry about the long-term effects of unknown chemicals seeping into my skin every single day.

Could your skin benefit from a make-up free day?

5.     Simplify your beauty routine

When I was thirteen I thought it would be a good idea to shave my arms. Not my arm pits – my actual arms. I was convinced my arms were too freckly and hairy, and since I couldn’t get rid of the little brown dots, I opted to whip out a razor every day and kept this as part of my beauty routine up until nine months ago.

When showers are few and far between, shaving your arms becomes much less of a priority; and as it certainly sounds, it is absolutely pathetic and unnecessary.

What has weaved its way into your beauty routine out of a perceived necessity? How can you reduce your hours in the bathroom?

If nothing springs to mind here’s one more tip that you wouldn’t expect could benefit you in the beauty stakes…

6.     Shower less

As I’ve spent the majority of this year camping without amenities, a daily shower is not the norm. Sometimes a quick sponge down in a bucket or a dip in the ocean is all I’ll get for a whole week and surprisingly my skin has never looked better. I’m also pleasantly surprised that I have not gotten sick all year, perhaps a testament that being squeaky clean might not be essential for optimum health.

Turns out that when we shower everyday with soap we wash off an oily layer of our skin that is needed to absorb vitamin D. Vitamin D is a fat soluable vitamin so it needs this oily layer to work its magic to absorb calcium and promote bone growth.

Still not convinced to reduce your showering schedule? Check out this insightful blog by Becoming Peculiar on the five benefits of showering less.

Living on the road without a bathroom cabinet full of skin care products has made me adjust to a minimalist beauty routine.

But most importantly, exploring the vast and rugged landscapes of this country and meeting the diverse people that call Australia home has completely changed my perspective on what constitutes a ‘pretty face’ and what is considered ‘beautiful’.

Australian beauty

Leaving the tips and tricks aside, I’m starting to see that taking pride in what’s on the inside is a sure way to exude au natural beauty.



One thought on “Six fuss-free beauty tips from life on the road

  1. Maggie

    Hi Courtney, good to hear from you again, we thought you may be “stuck in Paradise” …!
    Glad to read your 6 Fuss Free Beauty Tips. If you begin this process in your youth (such as you have been doing …!) then when in your 70’s, one may be brave enough to go to the letter box “unadorned” ..! With sunscreen as makeup, the garden is a wonderful venue for a makeup free day …! A day pain the garden only ends with a shower, no time nor need before an excursion with Mother Earth..!
    It’s only needed then to keep the sheets clean, as you fall in between them, to rest the weary muscles……????
    Enjoy, enjoy, Maggie (ex TSA).


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