Adjusting to life on the road

Today is day 67 of our adventure around Australia and probably about time I shared some of the changes/challenges encountered so far. Here’s what it’s really been like adjusting to life on the road…

Drop dunnies and no showers

In Melbourne we had a newly renovated apartment with a shiny new loo and spacious shower. I thought I would loathe using a bush as a toilet and not being able to have a shower at least once a day, but strangely enough, you just make do.

I’ll admit, looking around for spiders each time I go to the loo gets tiring, and I can’t help but always sing – “there was a red back on the toilet seat when I was there last night.” The only red back seen so far wasn’t on a toilet seat, but living inside the caravan gas bottle holder.

Wearing the same clothes every day

Well not quite! It has been refreshing living with less and realising that I don’t need a wardrobe full of clothes to live, just one box is more than enough. Even if it does mean wearing the same pair of shorts and flanny most days. In the first six weeks of travel I only did three loads of washing.

Bush washing our clothes

We often do ‘bush washes’ of our clothes to get through till washing day – Drew’s pretty good at pullin’ his weight.

Being away from family and friends

Life goes on even when you are removed from it and you can fell a little guilty that you’re not there to experience bubs growing up and friends starting new ventures.

But I’ve got to remember that this is a one off opportunity, and if I spend my days worried that I’m missing out on all that’s going on back home or wishing that I was somewhere else, I’ll never create my own memories.

I’m learning the importance of living in the present moment and this trip is giving me a chance to stand on my own two feet, and start each day knowing my own choices has made all of this happen. The love for family and friends will never diminish and I know they know that!

Missing family & friends back home

Missing family & friends from back home – too many to include even here! xxx

Will look forward to catching up when we return home.

Catching up with family on the road

We have been lucky enough to catch up with family along the way & have cherished every moment.

Learning patience

It’s not normal to be around your partner nearly 24/7 living in a confined space. But as Drew tells me, he has learned to be patient when I start to irritate him – and vice versa! We’ve both made silly mistakes adjusting to our new home, such as leaving the Webber on for 3 hours after dinner, and emptying the caravan sink without the bucket underneath to catch it (soaking the front door mat with dirty dish water). Rather than get angry at each other, we’re learning to laugh at our mistakes – I hope we can keep this up for the duration of the trip!

Young Nomands living life on the road

Living life on the road has required a need for patience…

Young Nomads camping and caravan set up

But we’re still all smiles, especially when living in a confined space can look as incredible as this!

Going where the wind takes us

We set a rough itinerary when we left two months ago but have been living each day pretty loosely so that opportunities don’t pass us by.

It’s enjoyable to pack up most mornings, jump in the car and head to the next destination, not knowing what will be around the next corner. One thing is always certain though; wherever we are there will always be ‘Happy Hour’ – Cheers

Young Nomads enjoying happy hour at their caravan

Wherever we stay there’s always Happy Hour





2 thoughts on “Adjusting to life on the road

  1. Elana

    This is a fantastically written article court and nice to read about how you guys are going being away from home 😉 you are 100% right. Don’t worry about what’s going on here (we do miss you though!). We will all be the same when you get back. We’re all doing the same thing 🙂 you guys are the ones having the adventures xxxx love youuu


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