Act your shoe size, not your age

I was watching kids in the park the other day, out with their grandparents about to be treated to fish and chips. The two boys were racing full pelt to get to the beach.

Last week just as the last of the sun was leaving the sky three kids from the campsite next to us were jumping up and down on the sand dunes. At the bottom their mum was taking photo after photo of their silhouettes in crazy poses.

About a month ago I received a video capturing my gorgeous nephew walking his first few steps. Standing shakily, he stumbles a few steps, gets his footing again then sets off towards the camera with a beaming grin on his face. He looks so enthralled by the new way his body can move and is keen to move at every chance.

Why do we choose to walk instead of run?

How come we don’t celebrate the setting of the sun each day?

When do we stop being amazed by the fact that every day we stand on our own two feet?

One conclusion I can come to is that we’ve seen it all before – we no longer readily posses the magic of having a ‘beginners mind’. We’ve had fish and chips on the beach, seen the sun go down and we take for granted what our bodies are capable of.

At some point the big kid inside of us probably just gets lost in between the responsibilities of life. There are not as many hours in the day to run around or play games, and there are more important things to do.

But often we don’t even notice the opportunities to have fun when they’re right in front of us.

Finding my inner child

I’m taking the chance on this holiday to enjoy the simple things in life as though for the first time.

At the beach we’ve drawn strange shapes in the sand with a stick to play games of Mr Squiggle and hangman. The night after I watched the kids posing I became a copycat with my own poses…

Dancers yoga pose

Warrior Two Yoga Pose

Yoga head stand


I’m praising myself for the things that I can do, like mastering a new yoga pose, or cooking something that tasty.

I don’t care if I am not technically a ‘kid’ anymore, I‘m going to feel damn proud of my achievements and enjoy each moment  – just like my beautiful nephew does.

Rest assured satisfying your inner child doesn’t have to mean chucking in your job to travel the country like I’ve recently done!

Start kidding around

The next time you’re outside look up at the sky in wonder, be amazed at how the stars really do twinkle. If you’re at a park stop to do a cartwheel, instead of walking to your car break out in a run – happy to return home at the end of a long day.

We’ve all got it in us to get excited about life – so what can you do today, and every other day to start acting your shoe size?

Stopping to play with the shells at Shell Beach, WA

Stopping to play with the shells at Shell Beach, WA

One thought on “Act your shoe size, not your age

  1. Maggie

    This adventure was meant to occur not only for your development. and learning Courtney, but for others as well!,
    As I recover from hip surgery, I’m constantly checking my Fitbit, to see how many steps I’ve achieved each day….as we get older, walking is the “new running” for youngsters like you …!
    However, I just love the way you are embracing and sharing your journey with us all…please keep it up.


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