My vision

building-an-empireCourtney’s Empire refers to my own power to build, maintain and treasure my own body. To me, my body is my empire. It is another way of thinking of my body as a temple.

I am working on building my empire every single day: with the choices that I make, the exercise that I take, the food that I eat and the values that I follow.

Empire is a word encompassing great strength and resilience to conquer the greatest feats. But this is not achieved in isolation – empires are typically formed from separate components that come together.

In order to achieve optimal health and wellbeing it is about a number of components working together – body, mind and spirit. You cannot achieve greater physical health if your mind is not in the right space and vice versa.

Courtney’s Empire is all about documenting my personal journey and hopefully inspiring others to live a more meaningful, healthy and nutritious life.

As when one focuses on building their own empire and puts their own health, wellbeing and self as a high priority, there are immense flow on effects. Not only for that person, but for those who come into contact with their ‘empire’ – great love and enjoyment for life will be sure to follow.

I’ve only just started my journey, and I hope that this year as I travel Australia I can find even more ways to extend and challenge myself.

But most importantly I’m looking forward to enjoying a simple life, the excitement of the unknown, and the things that make me tick.

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