Somewhere in between 2013 and 2014 I consciously decided to spend more time focusing on the things that allow me to live a meaningful and fulfilling life – rather than sweating out the small stuff that does not serve me in this life.

Often it can come too easily to get caught up in creating the ‘ideal life’ and trying to mould ourselves into what we think we ‘should’ be. The more I turn these thoughts on their heads, the more I find life gets easier. I feel empowered by remembering that we all make choices and ultimately, to some extent, can shape the lives we live.

So why predict the future if you can create it?

I’ve realised it’s important to connect with my core values everyday – the things that really make me tick. Good health (mental and physical), nutrition, and creativity are definitely on this list. So along the way I hope to share some of this here, in what will become CourtneysEmpire – a little bit of my past, present and creation of my future.