3 reasons I stopped hitting snooze

Wake up every morning with zest and purpose

Wake up every morning with zest and purpose

Until about a year ago I was the worst at getting out of bed before 7.30am. I’d literally wait until the very last minute and only allow just enough time to shower and get dressed before rushing out the door.

I was completely in awe of my friends and workmates who spoke of early morning gym classes, always had bundles of energy and just seemed to have it all together.

Because most of the time I felt pretty rubbish – both physically and mentally, due to a whole host of reasons. This led to a downward spiral where I found it really hard to shake the ever present feelings of stress and just enjoy life.

This was bloody tiring and I knew something had to change.

While I love a good sleep in as much as the next person (and there’s nothing wrong with that!) I opted to start with a small commitment to begin each day on a positive note. So I set off with the intention to wake up every morning with a bit more zest and purpose rather than giving in to feelings of dread and negativity about the day ahead. So here are three little motivations that seem to be working so far to get me up and at ’em.

1. Build mental and physical strength

It was suggested to me that finding exercise you really enjoy can be a good motivator to make a change to your morning routine as it won’t feel like such an effort.

For me this was yoga, and getting up early to go to a class didn’t happen straight away. I committed to trying one 6am class (which was a massive effort!), then when I survived that, I tried it again another morning.

Any habit takes a while to form, and now nearly one year from starting, doing yoga is what helps me to spring out of bed before daylight. I’ll admit I feel pretty satisfied when I rock up to work with my daily exercise already ticked off.

Apart from the good mental feeling from achieving so much before 8am, exercising in the morning also gives your body a chance to burn excess fat stores. As you are yet to eat, your body has no carbs to burn for fuel and so turns to alternate energy stores to keep you going. Just make sure when you do eat your breaky it is something nutritious to restore the energy lost during your sweat session! Which brings me to my next motivator:

2. I look forward to having a delicious breakfast waiting in the fridge

Smashing a really yummy breakfast after you’ve worked hard for it is a pretty good feeling!
I’ve found it easy to spend only a few minutes the night before rustling up a concoction of yoghurt, oats and nuts in a bowl, or chopping up fruit and veg in a smoothie jar ready to whack in the blender.

If you load up on a good mix of carbs, fats and protein you’ll hopefully reach work feeling raring to go and be less likely to reach for crappy food before it’s even lunch time.

3. Remember the day brings many things to be grateful for

Waking up every morning I am grateful for the fact that my body is now strong and pain free, I work in a supportive environment with great people, and I’m learning lots of interesting info now that I’m back studying. This is of course before I start counting the personal relationships that I’m so lucky to have (aaaaawh shucks!).

A simple task each night of writing down (or at least thinking about) three things you were grateful for in your day can be so powerful in how you approach the next day that follows. Most of the time it’s the things that I often take for granted that are the drivers to make me realise that life is pretty good – and is definitely worth getting out of bed for with a bit of zest.

Are you still hitting the snooze button..?

I have one more suggestion: Regularly have things planned to look forward to that you value –catch up with friends, try out a new restaurant, see live music or explore a new town on a weekend away. No matter what it is, each day when you wake up you’ll be closer to your date and experiencing something you enjoy.

Image courtesy of the ever talented ‘meaningful word’ – http://instagram.com/meaningful_word 

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