2 week yoga challenge to feel younger

If you had to put an age on how you physically feel, what would it be? If you feel older than you really are, then you best keep reading!

I’m aware that many people may first discount these two moves as being too simple to actually have any benefit, but if you are feeling lethargic and lacking flexibility then please humour me and just give these moves a try each day for 2 weeks.

Start by committing to 30 seconds for each pose, remembering to breathe evenly as you hold.

2 yoga poses to increase flexibility and feel younger

One of the predictors of longevity is how easy it is to sit down on the ground and stand up again without assistance (and without making grunting noises!).

The squat and hang (forward bend) poses are great quick ways to practice these important movements.

Pose 1: Forward Bend

yoga forward bend pose

If you have tight low back and shoulder muscles this pose will be a real winner for you.

The Forward Bend (Uttanasana) helps to lengthen and loosen the back of our body — especially the hamstrings. If you have tight low back and shoulder muscles this pose will be a real winner for you. Hanging the torso over is also an inversion, and will start to get the body used to being turned upside down — something most of us stop doing after we pass cartwheel age!

But there is no reason that we can’t move this way now that we are older, it’s just a matter of re-training the body. Give it a try and bend your knees if you need to. Don’t worry if you can’t get your head to your knees or touch your toes, just the action of bending forward is enough to see benefits.

Tip: Make sure you roll back up your spine slowly with your knees bent when you come to a standing position. This is so you don’t get dizzy and to protect your lower back. 

Pose 2: Squat (Malasana)


The yogi squat helps bring mobility back into the hips.

We spend way too much time sitting down during the day that we loose flexibility and movement in our legs, hips and backs. Making us feel like grannies when it comes to standing up! If our upper back and neck is out of alignment due to sitting for so long this can lead to headaches, rapid aging and even bone deterioration.

The squatting position helps to bring back mobility in these areas and encourages our body to get used to moving in new ways.

Tip: Don’t worry if your poses look a little different to the pictures. If your squat is higher up that’s ok, you are still working the right muscles. In time as your body gets used to moving in these ways you’ll be able to stretch a little deeper in these poses and even move onto other poses. 


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